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Indivisible South Bay LA is a left-of-center “big-tent” organization, welcoming all who share our vision. We are issue-oriented and action-focused. By working with a network of allied groups, we hope to create a collective voice to protect and advance the American democratic ideal.

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Cause of the Month

Democracy Docket is a new organization, founded in 2020, that has been highlighting and fighting laws & practices designed to suppress the vote.  suppressing voting laws and practices. So far, they have filed 56 lawsuits in 22 states, and have already won 21 cases (with most of the rest still pending).  Some of the important wins include removing witness requirements for absentee ballots, extending deadlines for vote counting, adding drop boxes, and making it easier to register to vote.

They are expecting significant post-election litigation, and are gearing up to support a free, fair, and complete vote count in every state.

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Elected Officials

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