ISBLA partners with Swing Left and Sister District. In doing so, we work on elections at the local, state, and federal level. For 2021, we will focus on elections for the Virginia state house and other off-cycle elections at all levels.

In addition, we work closely with other local election-focused groups. Those with events are often included on our Events calendar.

Swing Left Logo

Through our affiliation with Swing Left national, we channel our energy into elections at all levels. At each Election Action meeting, we update on the races we have chosen to work on. Also, we provide easy tools to get active from anywhere. One of our tactics, which is easily done from home, is letter writing with Vote Forward. Check out our Swing Left events here.

sister district south bay la logo

Through our affiliation with Sister District, we help to channel money and grassroots energy into state level elections. The Sister District South Bay LA leaders participate in our Election Action meetings. Check out Sister District South Bay LA chapter’s announcements here.

Partner Organizations

Field Team 6 logo

Field Team 6 registers Democrats where they’ll make the most impact. Specifically, this means Battleground States. These are the states where new Democrats will help swing elections up and down the ballot.

General Blue Political Fund logo

The Generation Blue Political Fund voter engagement task force focuses on electing more Democrats to local, state and national offices.

Grassroots Democrats HQ logo

Grassroots Democrats HQ focuses on expanding the House and Senate majorities. In addition, they work on turning key state legislatures blue. Check out the Grassroots Democrats HQ events here.

SoCal Blue Calendar logo

SoCal Blue provides a listing of grassroots election events all over Southern California. The focus is on swing districts and battleground states. Check out the SoCal Blue calendar here.