Most of our funding comes from individual donations through the link below and through grants from Indivisible National. In addition, once or twice year, Indivisible national organization matches individual donations.

For 2024, we have big plans to write letters to voters into the swing state of Arizona and to CA-45 where we need to oust Michelle Steel. We are asking National Indivisible and Vote Forward for added help, but matching our typical fundraising would still leave us with a $9,500 shortfall. The best way to support our work is by setting up a recurring monthly donation in any amount that you are able. 
If we can get just 50 people to set up a recurring donation of $10 each month, we could cut our deficit in half!  If you are not sure you can do a recurring donation, a one-time donation in any amount will also help us greatly.

Together, we will win.

Suggested Recurring Donations to Important Organizations

The ISBLA Steering Committee has chosen the following organizations because we think they are worthy of your donations. Importantly, we encourage recurring donations. This facilitates long-term planning, staff hiring, strategic thinking, and more. All of these groups work in building capacity to keep us competitive now and in the future. Please join the majority of our board in setting up a recurring donation to one or more of these important organizations.

Democracy Docket logo
Led by attorney Marc Elias, Democracy Docket is fighting against voter suppression, state by state. And winning!
Run For Something logo
Run For Something trains progressive candidates to run for state and local offices with great success.
Fair Fight logo
Founded by Stacey Abrams, Fair Fight is a national voting rights organization rooted in Georgia. 
Swing Left
This Swing Left fundraising effort focuses specifically on key Senate races in 2022.
Arizona Democratic Party
AZ is a strategic target for 2022; Senate Mark Kelly is up for re-election and we must win the gubernatorial race to protect election outcomes.
Wisconsin Democratic Party
Senator Ron Johnson must be defeated and Gov. Tony Evers needs our support to win re-election, among other strategic races.