Most of our funding comes from individual donations through the link below and through grants from Indivisible National. In addition, once or twice year, Indivisible national organization matches individual donations.

For 2024, we have big plans to write letters to voters into the swing state of Arizona and to Orange County, CA where there are several congressional seats in play. We are seeking funding where we can, but matching our typical fundraising from previous years will still leave us with a significant shortfall. The best way to support our work is by setting up a recurring monthly donation in any amount that you are able. 
If you are not able to set up a recurring donation, a one-time donation in any amount will also help us greatly.

Together, we will win.

Suggested Recurring Donation

2024 is a critical election year so we are aligning our suggested donations to the electoral targets where we are focusing our activism. Ruben Gallego is running for Senate in Arizona, to take the seat currently held by Krysten Sinema. ISBLA is proud to have endorsed him. This seat is one of a handful that are key to holding the Senate.
Recurring donations are the most impactful because they allow a campaign to make future spending decisions, hire staff, and plan strategically. Please donate if you are able.

Ruben Gallego for Senate