About Us

Indivisible South Bay Los Angeles (ISBLA)’s mission is to rally grassroots action for policies that advance our vision of a strong & diverse country with equality & justice for all. We fight for an economy that works and creates opportunities for all Americans. We work with a network of Allied Groups to create a collective voice to protect and advance the American democratic ideal.

Our focus centers around three objectives. The first is to hold the House, take back the Senate, and win the Presidency in 2020. The second is to win a majority of legislatures, governorships and other key elected state-level offices across the country. Lastly, we will promote grassroots democracy by holding our elected officials and executive agencies accountable to advance our vision and policy objectives.

Our Steering Committee

Umesh Ketkar: Group Leader, Newsletter

Doug Bender: ​Legislation, Policy Research, Outreach, CADEM delegate

Patti Crane: Coordination with National & State Indivisible

Connie Gaston: Priority Actions, Social Media

MC Guerry: Website

Diana Mielke: California State Strong

Katharine Nyhus: Legislative Liaison, CADEM delegate

Bill Reynolds: Allied Groups

Linda Suomi: Treasurer, Membership