About Us

Indivisible South Bay Los Angeles (ISBLA)’s mission is to rally grassroots action for policies that advance our vision of a strong & diverse country with equality & justice for all. We fight for an economy that works and creates opportunities for all Americans. We work with a network of allied groups to create a collective voice to protect and advance the American democratic ideal.

Our focus areas are to:

  • hold the House, take back the Senate, and win the Presidency in 2020
  • win a majority of legislatures, governorships and other key elected state-level offices across the country
  • promote grass-roots democracy by holding our elected officials and executive agencies accountable to advance our vision and policy objectives

Our Steering Committee

Umesh Ketkar: Group Leader, Newsletter

Doug Bender: ​Legislation, Policy Research, Outreach, CADEM delegate

Patti Crane: Coordination with National & State Indivisible

Connie Gaston: Priority Actions, Social Media

Melyssa Guerry: Website

Diana Mielke: California State Strong

Katharine Nyhus: Legislative Liaison, CADEM delegate

Bill Reynolds: Allied Groups

Linda Suomi: Treasurer, Membership

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